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Around the world the daily news is filled with tragic stories of impacts to our Earth that degrades our health and threatens our family’s future. Threats like climate change (global warming) are causing extreme weather events: droughts, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, pollution, loss of wildlife and more. Lack of knowledge, bad choices and confusion are causing indecision, stagnation, and decay of our health and the environment. Extreme political views are tearing at the fabric of our society. We’re spending too much time and money consuming junk food and sugary drinks, wanting luxury items or just trying to survive paycheck to paycheck. What can we do?

At Conserve & Pro$per, we demonstrate and support people becoming more aware, efficient and respectful in using resources, including energy, food, money and water, by promoting healthy, sustainable practices. We share personal stories, gather news and relay information on how we can all improve our lifestyle through the website blog, newsletters, recommended products, educational posters and photographs. Our consulting efforts support national and international clients dealing with water issues such as groundwater resources and mitigating naturally-occurring and human sources of contamination. We are also working as educators in schools offering substitute teaching and guest lectures. As a result, the people we help feel happier, healthier, save money, and are more optimistic about the world we're leaving our children!

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