Marches For Our Lives

The March for Our Lives event last Saturday advocating for gun control reminded me of many other marches that resulted in significant changes to our laws and culture. So what does this have to do with Conserve & Prosper? The reoccurring theme is that people are taking action to protect their lives, their health, safety, and security. No longer can students, teachers, parents, and administrators tolerate the status quo of more gun violence in schools. Something must be done! 

When I was 6 years old, growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, my parents took me for a drive by the Civil Rights march when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others spoke. The rally last week reminded me of this event and the historic nature when Jennifer Hudson sang the Bob Dylan song, "The Times are A-Changing." 

In 1990, a group marched across the US using the name "Walk for a Livable World." Many school teachers took time off to walk from Santa Monica, CA to Washington, D.C. advocating for renewable energy solutions and environmental protections. I walked for about 500 miles on the first leg, going from the Pacific to New Mexico. We visited many schools along the way to teach about sustainability. We met with native Americans and learned about many cultures within the U.S. Walking is very healing for the mind and body and marches have galvanized support for many causes, from Gandhi's movement for Indian independence from British rule to the current March for our Lives.

I am very impressed by the young students taking on this cause to fight against gun violence. All Lives Matter, including Black Lives! Woman deserve equality. Through respect for people and the environment, we can create peace on Earth!