Celebrating Earth Day with 23 Ways to be an Eco Hero

Every Day is Earth Day and today is the annual event! What better way to celebrate than getting outdoors, appreciating Nature, and taking positive actions. A great book that shares ideas of easy projects for kids with adult supervision is found in the 2015 book by Isabel Thomas:

23 Ways to be an Eco Hero: A step-by-step guide to creative ways you can save the world

Our eight-year old's favorite activities include making shopping bags out of old tee shirts, planting dishes of water to collect rain for birds, setting up a blind to view birds, and making meatless Eco-Burgers. He also wants to make the Action Grabber using a coat hanger, pole, tape, and rubber bands to pick up trash. There are many other ideas for making bird houses, a Batty Box, and wrapping birthday presents.