Electric Bicycles for Enjoyment and Commuting

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are gaining in popularity and becoming more affordable. Several bike shops in Grand Junction are adding e-bikes into their inventory of road and mountain bikes. For a great website showing reviews of e-bikes check out Electric Bike Reviews. I’ve been watching and test riding e-bikes for several years and have not been ready to spend $3,000 to $5,000 yet. I’m hoping prices will continue falling, just like with other technology, as the bikes become more popular. I’ve also been thinking if I got an e-bike it would be mostly for enjoyment to keep up with my son who can ride for longer distances as I get winded easily. The bikes are especially becoming popular with seniors who need the extra energy boost for an enjoyable ride. Buyer beware - there are some “cheaper” e-bikes coming from China for around $1,500 that lack in quality and reliability.

A friend of mine at work just purchased an Easy Motion (BH Bikes Emotion). Previously, he occasionally rode a regular bike from his home which is mostly downhill about six miles. But he found riding home discouragingly strenuous. So the e-bike is helping with the commute rather than driving his SUV. He purchased the Emotion bike for about $3,000 from Colorado E Bikes that specializes in building, selling, renting, and repairing quality e-bikes.

Yesterday, I rented an e-bike for this weekend. Colorado E Bikes charges $70 per day - however, I got the bike on Saturday afternoon and since they are closed on Sunday, I will take it back on Monday morning spending the one day charge.

The rental bike is made by Haibike. I rode the Sduro model home along the lovely Colorado River front trail with the top speed of 20 mph. The bike motor kicks in with pedaling to the speed of the bike and automatically slows down on curves and disengages when hitting the brakes. When I arrived home and after taking an hour break, my son and I rode together for about three hours. His top speed is about 10 mph and needs to walk up the hills. I found the Velo Plush saddle not fitting very comfortably and the handlebars lower than I would like.

Another friend recommended Populo Bikes and Commencal for bikes, parts and accessories.

So it’s great to experiment with various products and only buy something that we will really need!