Where Have All the Conservatives Gone?

Pollster Frank Luntz describes his role in the 1994 Contract With America in his enlightening 2007 book Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear. He states that since the 1980's, "conservatism" has been more popular than the Republican Party. The first mid-term election of the Clinton Presidency resulted in a landslide victory for the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House by convincing more than 300 candidates to join the pact. Key elements of the "Contract" included auditing Congress to remove waste, fraud, and abuse as well as  balancing the federal budget just like families must do. The theme of these conservatives was to restore accountability, responsibility, and opportunity. Well the opportunity for fiscal restraint was lost over the past 25 years due to two major wars and responding to other crises while the number of true conservatives who speak out about the national debt greatly diminished. One person who frequently speaks with conservative ideals is outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake who stated nine months ago:

“No budget gimmick or phony spending offset can hide the fact that $20 trillion is the largest debt ever owed by any nation in history. It’s time for Congress to change the way Washington does business. Shutting down the Washington favor factory with a permanent ban on earmarks and eliminating duplicative, wasteful, and unnecessary federal spending would be a good start.”

Let's dream and take action by doing better for our children who will inherit our savings or our debt. This should be our top priority to conserve our world's precious resources before it's too late!