Fighting for Our Health, Lives, and Climate

Today, 200 countries including the United States agreed to implement the Paris climate accord. What does this mean? See the latest from BBC News!

Also today in the news, a U.S. District Court judge in Texas ruled that the Affordable Care Act is illegal.

In my opinion, fighting for our health care and the climate directly affects the lives of humans and all life on Earth.

Mining coal can cause black lung disease. Burning coal can cause air pollution. Air pollution causes asthma and other illnesses. Illnesses will be covered by the Affordable Care Act rather than having insurance companies say people cannot get health insurance. Obtaining health insurance is currently difficult to afford due to the lack of competition, cuts in the program, and greed by many in the system.

The same can be said for drilling and burning other fossil fuels that contribute greenhouse gases that are causing global temperatures to rise, altering our weather patterns, making storms more severe, melting glaciers, raising sea level, and affecting all life on the Planet.

So we must keep working for our survival and challenge those you are in denial!