Happy Mother's Day: Loving our Mom's and Peace on Earth

The flowers are blooming as spring temperatures warm the northern hemisphere. We made a bouquet from our peony plant with large white flowers. Our son is working on a 3rd grade science poster discussing hurricanes. His Mom helped him find the websites and print pictures for the display. Today we are going to a high-school graduation for his babysitter that began as a friendship with the two Moms. We are also going to a funeral for a family of classmates who lost their Mom due to illness. Once I asked Ammachi, the Hugging Saint, about my Mom who passed away many years ago and she said my Mom is happy in heaven. I've read that Motherly love is universal and that could be the solution for world peace and healing our environment. She says if men could gain more feminine qualities like love and compassion we would live in a better world. She also recommends that woman gain more masculine qualities like assertiveness and confidence. It's great to see people advocating for equal rights including the Me Too movement to end violence and abuse against woman. 

Let there be Peace on Earth!