We Need Another Big Miracle of Cooperation and Focus to Save the Earth

Have you seen the 2012 movie Big Miracle?

If you haven't here is the trailer and I do not want to spoil the plot except to say it is a true story about saving California gray whales trapped in Arctic ice.  The plight of three whales becomes an intense survival story as the one pool of open water allowing them to breath is rapidly becoming frozen over. Miracles unfold to save the whales through surprising cooperation in 1988 among Greenpeace, an oil company, the National Guard, Eskimo people, inventors and during the Cold War -- President Reagan asking the USSR for help! 

This week the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences announced finding that based on fossil evidence sea levels rose faster in the past Twentieth century than the past 27 centuries.

Here is the NRP version of the scientific study.

So we must work quickly to reverse the damage done to the Earth if we want to save precious species including our own. We also need to avoid confusion of short term weather events (e.g. was that storm due to global warming?) and long term trends of climate change. It will take cooperation and focus of the large majority of people working together to create another Big Miracle!