Drought in western U.S. affecting 58 million people! Where are we on the Hydro-Illogical Cycle?

© National Drought Mitigation Center

© National Drought Mitigation Center

Western U.S. Drought Map and Hydro-Illogical Cycle

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center: "drought is a protracted period of deficient precipitation resulting in extensive damage to crops, resulting in loss of yield." The current drought will affect over 58 million people directly: "Record heat and dryness over the region this week as well as over the last month has quickly deteriorated conditions in many areas after a wet May."

As the map clearly shows, California -- which seems to be getting most of the media attention -- is not the only state where the effects of the drought are being felt. 

The Hydro-Illogical Cycle depicts drought as a slow-moving natural disaster which may not get much attention until extreme conditions cannot be ignored any longer.