Baseball manager wants rain to go away - Tell him "Rain is a Good Thing!" 50-50 chance of rain for the 2015 All Star Game in Cincinnati!

The 2015 All Star baseball game will be held in Cincinnati tomorrow night. I read that there is a 50% chance of rain for the game. If it does rain, will people cheer or complain? Perhaps it is understandable that some people do not like rain delays, but in the spirit of our "National  Past Time" representing all of the United States (or perhaps the World), let's think about all the places where rain is needed and sing "Rain is a Good Thing." 

Several major league baseball teams are taking steps to conserve water due to the drought.

Here in Grand Junction, Colorado, the general manager of the GJ Rockies - a rookie team of the Colorado Rockies, is complaining about the rain! Although we've received about 7 inches of rain so far this year (only 2.5 inches more than normal), the story in the paper this weekend was: 

Rain, rain go away: Wet weather postpones another GJ Rockies game

According to The Daily Sentinel, rain postponed GJ Rockies games three days in a row. But the teams made the best of of it, "with card games, music, and even a little dancing in the clubhouse."

At the All Star Game, can we make a request for hearing the hit song:

"Rain is a good thing” by Luke Bryan